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Our Story

As three sisters with only four years between us we have always been close. We grew up in a small coastal town in NSW and our teacher parents instilled in us a strong belief that if you persevere with work and study you can do anything. Dad was an art teacher and Mum a Science teacher so we were always encouraged to be both creative and curious. Our mother initially dreamed of working in the male dominated field of geology; however after an experience as the only woman on a precarious field trip she gave up this dream and studied teaching.  As a mother of four she also stopped her career for many years to look after us kids. Today she remains one of the most intelligent, enthusiastic and driven women we know and has always been one of the biggest advocates for we girls to keep one foot in the work door while raising a family.  

There is nothing like having a family to make you question not only what you are doing but why you are doing it. It has been the life changing moment of having children that has made us all rethink what is important. Parenting challenges everything you think you know; we have all come close to leaving work altogether but with our Mum’s words firmly in our minds none of us feel comfortable completely leaving the workforce. We have learnt that the safe bet isn’t the best bet when it comes to finding meaningful work.   

We started working on some ideas of running a business together as we knew we wanted more meaningful work and work we could do together. When we started working on some rough ideas that took more time out of our already jam-packed schedules we started daydreaming of “just having a couple of hours” to get stuff done. We said “wouldn’t it be good if you could swap your baby for an hour or two.” We ran with this idea in the form of a “babyswap” with our close friends, we then also started sharing recommendations for those of the families who needed paid sitters.  We suddenly became babysitters’ and parents’ personal assistants. This in essence became our first product trial for SitClique and we learnt we weren’t the only ones looking for better parenting support. The feedback was consistent; parents need a better way to find trusted, flexible and convenient childcare.

We strongly believe that all women should have the opportunity to be financially independent. This means having the opportunity to work in a way that suits their family and having the support to match whatever shape this form takes is imperative. We want to challenge what the traditional family primary carer structure looks like; promoting flexibility which allows for all options to be considered when it comes to one or both parents working after starting a family. We have realised having children should not mean giving up everything that makes you who you are. We have all heard, ‘you can have it all but you can’t have it all at once’,  but we believe if you have the right support you can do a hell of a lot and still be you; a person able to follow individual passion and ambition and a committed and loving parent. We all feel such a strong sense of purpose contributing to these goals and at this point it would feel much riskier to turn our back on them.

Our passion was created in our our upbringing, cemented in our experience and is now our why and drive behind creating SitClique. Trusted, flexible and convenient childcare.