COVID-19 Safety Policy

We want to keep all our community safe. Please keep up to date and follow the COVID-19 health rules in your local area. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they are adhering to the laws, restrictions and regulations of their state. 

The following guidelines should also be followed to help reduce the spread of the virus.

1. If babysitter, children, parents or visitors have been sick or feel unwell please inform all parties and stay at home.
2. If anyone has been in a Covid hotspot, ensure they quarantine for two weeks and do not hire a sitter or sit for anyone in this time.
3. Ensure physical distancing is enforced when possible, good hygiene and wear a mask if required.
4. Sitters should try to limit the number of families (we suggest 1-2 families) they service to keep their contact circles small. Families should also limit the number or sitters they use (we suggest using 1-2 sitters only).
5. Parents and sitters should discuss and plan who they will be in contact with that day and how to minimise the risk to themselves and the children. Keeping hand sanitiser with them on outings, avoiding public transport or wearing a mask in public if age appropriate.
6. Parents and sitters should put strategies in place to manage or avoid large gatherings.
7. Know the symptoms of covid 19 and get tested.

For further information and health advice see the following: