Frequently Asked Questions

How do parents pay the babysitters?

Payment is to be arranged between the parent and the babysitter. It does not include the SitClique booking fee. Babysitters set their own rate which should be confirmed with the parent during the booking process. The method of payment should be arranged to prior to the sit beginning. 

Where are we located?

For personalised hiring support services we can help you anywhere in Australia. Our sitter networks for our DIY services are located in Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle and Port Macquarie

Are there different obligations between hiring an occasional babysitter and hiring a nanny?

Generally yes, a nanny is often hired as an employee, however we cannot provide specific advice and encourage you to consult a tax agent, the ATO or Fairwork Australia. 

See Australian Taxation Office website for further information regarding the below questions 

  • Is my nanny an employee or a contractor?
  • Do I need to register for PAYG withholding as an employer?
  • What is a TFN declaration and how much needs to be withheld?
  • What are requirements for superannuation?


Do sitters need a ABN?

This will depend on each sitter’s personal circumstances and whether they class their bookings as a hobby or a business. For further information please see:


External payroll services

You can outsource the payroll function of paying your nanny. Companies that can help with this include;  domesticpayroll.com.aujustfamilypayroll.com.au

Domestic insurance requirements

Should I use an Employment contract?

An employment contract can be used to clarify hours, salary, leave entitlements, responsibilities and expectations between parent and nanny.