Find a Babysitter in Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie NSW is one of the largest cities in the state, with a growing population. Situated on both the river and coastline, it is a beautiful place to live and raise a family. Most families in Port Macquarie have full-time working parents, so we understand the need for quality child care and nanny services. Whether you are looking for a full-time nanny or part-time in-home childcare services, SitClique has options to suit you.

 Why choose SitClique?


At SitClique, we make it easier than ever to connect with a responsible and reliable nanny near you. We offer affordable personalised hiring support to match only the best-suited candidates for your family’s needs. So you save time from sifting through resumes and referrals across multiple platforms.

All nannies on our platform have Working With Children Checks (WWCC) and verified IDs. You can also watch pre-recorded interviews, review references and meet candidates online to help you select the right nanny. 

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Nanny Responsibilities & Duties

While parents are at work, a nanny takes care of the child/children’s wellbeing and development at home. Parents will usually create an employment contract with their nanny to establish the duties and expectations based on the family’s specific needs. Some responsibilities that nannies are typically expected to complete are:

  • Maintaining a safe environment

  • Preparing meals and feeding the children

  • Bathing and dressing

  • Organising outings and playdates

  • Cleaning up after the child

  • Children’s laundry

  • Driving children to school, playdates and other activities

  • Inside and outdoors play

  • Educational activities and crafts

  • Assisting with homework (for primary school age)

If you are looking for more occasional childcare, SitClique also has a network of amazing nannies in Port Macquarie.

Kid-Friendly Locations in Port Macquarie

As part of a nannies job description, they may need to arrange activities to entertain and educate children. The parents must understand the plans and provide permission for the outing, so everyone feels at ease.

Here are 8 of the best places and activities in Port Macquarie for fun-loving children: 

    • Climb the indoor courses at Centre of Gravity

    • Track through the lush Sea Acres Rainforest Centre

    • Splash in the waves at Town Beach

    • Learn about history at the Port Macquarie Museum

    • Jump aboard the steam train at Timbertown Heritage Theme Park

    • Spot whales and dolphins from Tacking Point Lighthouse

    • Explore outer space at Port Macquarie Astronomical Observatory

    • Get the adrenaline pumping at Stoney Aqua Park


Partner with SitClique

At SitClique, we have created a safe platform that advocates for our nannies and babysitters. In Australia, the average hourly rate for nannying is $25-$28 per hour. But with SitClique, you set your fee amount and keep 100% (we take nothing).

If you are interested in a career in early childhood care or education, nannying is a great place to start. SitClique will help connect you with families you can trust and ensure you always find your work fulfilling and enjoyable. To help us best match you to a family, tell us about your childcare experience and whether you are looking for full-time or part-time work.

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Client Testimonials

“Thank you SitClique for organising a babysitter for us last night! Georgina was lovely and our boys adored her! The whole process was very easy!”

Tracy, Port Macquarie

“I recently attended a SitClique meet & greet. Such a great idea & it was so reassuring to be able to meet the sitters (& for them to meet parents!). I felt comfortable enough & happy to book our first non-family babysitter ever and the whole process was so straight forward. 

The babysitter was exceptional, I left for an evening out feeling relaxed & my kids absolutely loved spending time with their babysitter. Thank you SitClique.” 

Lucy, Port Macquarie.

“The boys absolutely loved Tom today! Thanks for organising SitClique!” 

Jane, Port Macquarie