SitClique creates lasting connections with families and carers.

We use smart technology to offer a ‘tailored recruitment experience’ at an affordable price.

Our ‘Perfect Match’ Sitters have working with children checks, references, screening calls, pre-recorded interviews and are matched using data-analytics to your requirements.

Once connected with your favourite sitter/s you can continue to book them on or off platform. 

Money back guarantee if you don’t connect with a sitter you love. 


 One Wonderful Sitter


When you need a regular sitter (short or long term).



 3 x ‘Perfect Match’ candidates

Interview and pick your favourite

2 week ‘change your mind’ period


(No minimum hours required)


 A Few Fabulous Sitters


 When you need a couple of sitters because your needs change.



 (Annual Fee)

Unlimited bookings

3 x ‘Perfect Match’ sitters always in your Clique

Back-up sitters available

SMS bookings


Premium Single Booking

When you need a one off booking.   


Choose from 1 – 2 ‘Perfect Match’ candidates.

Meet before you book