International Women’s Day and New Website SitClique Launch


International Women’s Day 2020  #eachforequal


An equal world is an enabled world. 

This year’s theme reminds us that each day it is up to us to challenge stereotypes, call out sexism, fight bias and celebrate women’s successes. Everyone has a place in creating a gender equal world.

What will you commit to this international women’s day?

This is my list of commitments. 

1. Encouraging my children to listen to stories of amazing inspirational women.  All our car trips this week (school picks up etc) we will listen to The ABC podcast Fierce girls. I’ve downloaded Nancy Wake, Sam Kerr, Margaret Olley and Gabi Hollows. Really excited to listen to these, I met Nancy Wake as a teenager so know her amazing story and look forward to sharing all these stories with my kids. 

2. Celebrating and encouraging women’s achievements – I will actively look for small successes and achievements made by women I know. These may be my work colleagues, friends, school mums or small businesses I follow and I’ll make a point of congratulating them and sharing their wins. I will make time for women’s networking, to encourage learning, providing support and talking about issues we face. 

3. Reducing the load at home. Getting the kids to do more jobs! I implemented a new chores on paddle pop sticks system this weekend. My kids clearly didn’t do much before, but they now at least have some expectations placed on them and understand they have responsibilities in the household. 

4.Talk to my kids and partner – Explain why international women’s day is important and what it is trying to achieve. Talk about ways they can encourage women in their workplace or girls in the playground to join in and feel included. I’ve also banned the word ‘bossy’ in my house when describing my daughter, she is practicing her leadership skills.    

SitClique’s model is based on women supporting other women in their community. We want to change the lives of women by giving them options to solve their babysitting struggles easily and empower women to gain financial security. If you know any fabulous babysitters, please share our business with them and let your friends know how great they are.

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